Sama Management Consultancy

SAMA business and activities :

 Advertising and Communication
 Business Events Management
 Festival Organization and Management
 Human Resource Training and Development
 Exhibition Organization and Management

Our specialization is providing management consultancy products and services in addition to other services.

You are welcome to our office ,and we appreciate your interest in our services ,please note that all visits needs to be coordinated in advance for proper time management.

Charges maybe applied depending on the type of consultancy.

office No. 135-FD ,Level 1 ,Incubator Building ,Masdar City , P.O. Box 16296  Abu Dhabi , UAE

Phone: +971.506430614

If you are coming to visit us please contact us in advance to arrange  the visit.

If you need us to come to your location please let us know,we travel worldwide.


Please use contact form ,click here


Kindly provide the following in your message:

  • Purpose of the consultancy in general.
  • The suitable time for you.
  • Contact person and phone number.
  • Name of the person who request the visit and position.



Your information and data will be in safe hands.

Your privacy is the most important thing to us.


We help the companies and individuals to identify weakness and problems , and we provide recommendation’s and also any help needed regarding business management,trading,marketing and any other related business issues.

Our service begins with the customer by knowing the general issues or any area they specified , then we evaluate the case for acceptance.

We provide the solution and recommendations to solve the problems for any cases we accept.
We travel worldwide for you.




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ACPAI Membership Renewal / Activation

ACPAI Members are required to renew their membership , if you do not renew your membership it will not be active , we are required to update the names from time to time ,and we respond and communicate worldwide if we have any request from Government bodies.

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Sama Consultancy Website

Sama Management Consultancy website has been established on 4, April, 2011 ,if you have any comments about the website you are welcome to contact us.


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