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In Addition to management and administrative and consultancy services , Sama Management Consultancy is an admin office for all services requested from ACPAI.If you need any service or product ,we can handle all your requests ,you can get all the services listed below through our office in UAE .All Certificates and Documents will be from ACPAI London ,UK .

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Associate Membership  from The Association of Certified Public Accountants Int’l (ACPAI) .To apply for Associate Membership you need to have at least Bachelor Degree in accounting or any related study in finance , in addition to that you have to study additional materials and subjects designed for Certified Public Accountants CPA ,if you need to get certified as a CPA your first step is to apply,  all training subjects and training materials , text books well be sent to you ,studying and training is required before examinations , you can study by your self if you wish , and when you are ready for the examinations you are required to attend the tests at exams centers ,or ONLINE , exams are held 4 times a year , during first week of march, July,October,December.

Additional information’s and details

  • What is CPA? Certified Public Accountant (CPA) ?. You have to pass the Certified Public Accountant Examinations and you have to get additional education and experience for certification as a CPA .
  • To be able to offer public accounting services, a CPA must be allowed to practice in accordance with the country law in which he will do business.
  • Why you choose ACPAI Membership? : Our Exams is based on International standards , ACPAI has been existed for more than 33 years , ACPAI is recognized worldwide. All CPA certificates will be issued from ACPAI London .
  • Government Agencies and other organizations can contact ACPAI in London or UAE to confirm any Member if he is active or not.
  • The CPA examination papers will be provided by the Association of Certified Accountant International ACPAI London. The students will be examined on The International Standards and on Auditing ISA and International Accounting Standards IAS and The International Financial reporting standards IFRS .The prospective student members need to be a University Graduate in Business Sciences ,accounting is preferred  .ACPAI Will review the student’s application, qualifications practical experience and the supporting documentary evidence.
  • When the ACPAI accepts a student, the student will be informed when the registration is completed.All fees may change at any time .
  • The fee for the professional CPA exams for each student should be paid before starting the examinations .After completion of the examinations, the ACPAI will notify the students about their results.
  • Successful candidates will then apply for Associate Membership of the ACPAI.
  • Applications may be considered for Associate for qualified Candidates , who possess necessary equivalent Educational , Professional qualifications and experience requirement .
  • Before you apply for reciprocal membership you need to be a Qualified Accountants , Holding university degree in Accounting , Economics , or Administration , have over 3 years experience in Accounting and Auditing.
  • The annual fee for Associate members and the Fellowship should be paid once the member receive notifications from ACPAI , paying this fee is necessary for all members to be active and list their names in the official register .In case you did not receive any payment notification you should contact ACPAI to pay your dues .
  • ACPAI members are required to fulfill a minimum of 30 hours of continuing professional education CPE /CPD per year  .
  • If applicant start training before the exams it will be accounted if can be approved with supporting documents, applicants may train after or before the examinations to get the required audit experience.
  • Also students may take training in audit and studying for the exam in same time ,but in all cases will not get the fellowship unless the required experience can be approved.
  •  Associate membership will be issued after passing the examinations ,after getting the required experience in auditing the applicant should ask for Fellowship.
  • ACPAI applicant may study all subjects,but for university degree it may not required to take all subjects after evaluating the university certificate.Major 4 area for testing will : Financial Accounting and Reporting ,Auditing and Assurance ,Business Laws and regulations , management accounting.
  • Some exemptions maybe considered if requested and its only considered if accepted by ACPAI.  


Certified Management Accountant (CMA ) To apply you need to have Bachelor degree in Accounting ,and take additional subjects to qualify as CMA  , Please send your CV to us , it will be evaluated by ACPAI ,we will send to you all materials you need to study , after completion all study requirements you can qualify as CMA ,evaluation is case by case.The syllabus includes Economics, Business Finance, Situation analysis and decision making and other subjects . This certificates will provide you the critical thinking you need and the decision making skills.